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I have always been drawn to Barrie Ontario, a very picturesque town outside of Toronto.
An added feature I just discovered there is the Spirit Catcher, a very majestic yet peaceful piece of art on the bay.

Folklore is that this awesome 70 foot piece of work reaches up to the Thundergods and carries messages from land to beyond.

Before I begin my busy day of consultations I always allow myself the luxury of heading down to the Barrie waterfront ,coffee in hand and an open mind!
It is hard to imagine that one could feel peace sitting in a busy parking lot looking up at a statue but…I do!

I urge you to take the time, make the time and enjoy !

You will not only be hooked but you will learn how to relax and appreciate what we have in this wonderful country of ours.
See you there!

~~ Carole Matthews

Inspiration for Carole's columns and Private sessions is in her own backyard!


Carole finds peace and inspiration surrounded by mountains in Canmore Alberta:

Carole enjoying the view while writing book...  Grateful!


Carole at Anne Marie Evers Angel Chapel

Bichon Frise, Tuffy, is here to teach unconditional love to all he meets!

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