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Crystal Andrus, author, international motivational speaker, fitness expert, nutritionist and founder of the SWAT Institute.



Click into Barbara Gulbranson's website for tools to aid you in your spiritual journey.



Dr. Carolyn DeMarco, Author Lecturer Physician Visionary


Sheel Tangri
Let it Flow...  I had the pleasure of meeting Sheel Tangri while I was living in British Columbia...his energy and integrity is amazing and I am proud to share his link with you. I will be visiting his oasis of serenity and doing consultations there... Enjoy his wisdom.

Sue Kenney
Pilgrim. Author. Speaker. Workshop Designer. Coach.
Sue's life work is based on a philosophy that core leadership skills begin with awareness, love, compassion, discipline, humility, grace and simplicity. If you align with this approach to business and life, you will be interested in checking out

Find out more about Kim Sheridan and Animals and the Afterlife at Kim's website:Animals and the Afterlife

Positive Bliss with Lynette Turner


Grace Cirocco



Robin Sharma Leadership and Professional Speaker  as well as bestselling Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.


Richard Webster from Australia, Author of Feng Shui books and other assorted topics

This debut novel explodes the trials and tribulations of modern life and love.  It is a genre-busting coming-of-age tale, Moondance is a freethinking, emotionally-charged, highly addictive spin on love, life and the nature of reality.  Author, Karen Black, is enticing and of rare "remembrance" quality.  Caution:  no sense of humor whatsoever.


Terah Kathryn Collins Feng Shui expert and head of Western School of Feng Shui in California... Author of "Home design with Feng Shui A-Z" and among others "Feng Shui for Prosperity"

Angi Ma Wong
Feng Shui expert and Author from California... only Feng Shui practitioner to appear on Oprah show.


Lynn Grabhorn, bestselling author of "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings" 


Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
Brian is a pioneer in Past Life Regression and Carole highly recommends his books!

Darlene Montgomery is an internationally respected authority on dreams, spiritual perspectives and ideas. She is an author, facilitator and clergywoman who speaks to groups and organizations on uplifting subjects.  Click into her website to learn more about this amazing woman!  Carole is honored to be a part of her inspiring book, Conscious Women--Conscious Lives Book 2, and has had Darlene as a guest on The for her next appearance.

John Holland Author of "Born Knowing "and "Psychic Navigator" Carole has had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Thomas Zhang and she refers to his almanac weekly on her radio show The MessengerFiles... it is truly amazing!

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