Articles by Carole Matthews

The intent of my columns and radio show is to bring to light subjects that are popular and also ones that spark curiosity in our minds. I will hopefully answer your questions in all areas of “Now Age” topics. I will delve into crystals and their uses, auras, guardian angels, dreams, affirmations and chakras… their energy and their functions. Interesting concepts with few boundaries… The daily life is a journey in itself. Here you will find insight, words of wisdom, stories that will spark your creative flow and question your inner knowing.


Abundance is not something we acquire.  It is something we tune into…
~ Wayne Dyer

Ever thought of sleeping on your money? What? you say.

According to Feng Shui experts placing money and stocks and bonds under our mattress or under our bed will attract prosperity. Why, because it means we are feeling secure with our money and will attract more while we sleep!

Now that I have your attention we will start at the beginning…what is Feng Shui…

Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is the Chinese art of placement of objects etc. in our homes and offices, and even our automobiles, in such a way that energy (chi) will flow and create positive happenings in our lives.

According to Eastern astrology 2007 is a good year…the Year of the pig/boar, The Pig/Boar is known to be kind and courteous so therefore the energy and actions of the year will be the same. People will become more aware of others’ feelings and compassion will be flowing. Can only be good!

Numerology wise 2007 ads up to a 9 and nine is a very powerful number…a 9 year is one of integrity and wisdom, not to mention self assessing.

Being open to making changes in our lives can be very positive and there are many ways to create abundance in our lives…not only in the money and career area but in our relationships also.

Feng Shui experts suggest that we begin by creating a private space for ourselves, it all begins within! One of my favorite sayings is “what I am looking for is not out there, it is within me!”

It is important to our well-being to surround ourselves and our loved ones with souvenirs, artwork, books, goals, images and mementos that lift our spirit. Remember that less is more and change these things as your situations change. And they will change when you take time to focus on your direction. Create a space that can be as small as a favorite corner in your bedroom or a comfortable chair but it is exclusively yours, a place where you can journal your feelings or just simply BE and find peace and serenity.

After you have relaxed in your space take time to tackle the clutter in your home or office…that little word “chi” needs to flow and it meets with difficulty when you have an overabundance of “stuff”.

I find that if you time yourself…give it an hour a day, then it doesn’t seem like such a chore.

Know that the clothes you have had since crinolines were in style are probably not coming back and when they do you won’t want to wear them anyway! A great mode for your mind to be in while decluttering.

The same goes for books, cds, and papers that no longer serve you…clear them out!

Trust in this process and you will find that you will receive other articles of clothing and new music and books…the Universe will see that you are ready for change and voila…

Clearing the space around your telephone, computer and filing cabinets will bring more business connections and money to you. Keeping the energy flowing will put you in the direction of abundance and receiving.

I truly believe that when we are open to the positive it will appear in many forms. Always be aware that we have choices and options in our daily lives and when we work with them we can only prosper.

Take time for yourself this year and enjoy the journey!

Books I recommend:
Inspirations by Wayne Dyer
Squeeze the Day by Loretta Laroche
The Secret DVD/Book
Celestine Prophecies DVD and Book

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

Affirmation: I trust in the signs my angels give me.

Our daily lives have become very busy and sometimes much disorganized. We are spending more time hurrying and waiting and feeling like we are going in circles. Well, we aren’t. It just seems that way. Sometimes traffic jams and crashed computers are signs that we need to slow down and smell the coffee and the roses!

I believe our Guardian Angels send us these little set backs just so we can take time and get a better perspective on things.

Recently, I heard a lady complaining about the uncertainty in our weather and how it was inconveniencing her daily plans. Well, could I bite my tongue and not mention how many people are destitute because of storms and tornados that actually were not penciled in their day timers or on their “to do” list? You guessed it… I told her in a nice way of course, and as synchronicity happens I met her again a week later and she thanked me for the “lecture.” Seems her friends had been traveling and unknown to my new acquaintance, decided to do some spur of the moment sightseeing and lost everything in the New Orleans disaster. We now have a new volunteer in town… guess who?

I believe that we are in the right place at the right time to be Guardian Angels here on earth and that the Universe sends us people needing a wake up call or a SATORI, as my favorite author and Inspirational speaker Wayne Dyer calls it! You can use the word… I love it!

Our Guardian Angels work in many ways and the more we listen to them and acknowledge that, “well, maybe it wasn’t a coincidence” more signs will come our way. Every thing is energy and when we begin to react in a positive way we will believe the saying “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I would like to share some incidents or happenings that may open your awareness to Angel messages or “signs!”

We have all had times in our lives when financial difficulties seemed to be never ending. Yet there was always enough money for basic expenses… rent, food, utilities. Finances always seemed to appear where and when they were needed.

Do you recall the day you received your last check from unemployment and panicked… well, out of the blue a job came along? And a good one at that!

Have you ever walked into a book store not knowing what to buy, and the book you need falls from a shelf and practically hits you over the head.

You finally end a dead end relationship and immediately another partner comes into your life.

Remember when you were feeling totally depressed and couldn’t find a purpose or even a focus in your life and the next person you talk to says something that brings you the guidance you need.

We have all experienced this subtle sign…You drive to a place where parking is “next to impossible” and someone pulls out of a parking spot or it is just waiting for you.

Do yourself a favor and make it your mission in your daily travels to be aware of little out of the ordinary things that happen i.e. A song that your father used to sing comes on the radio just as you are thinking of him or you have been feeling rather lost regarding your career and your boss sends you flowers!

Got it?

A book I suggest:
If you hear the Message Three Times…Listen by Patricia Heller

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde 2024

April 1st – 25th

August 5th – 28th

November 25th – December 15th

Mercury in retrograde, watch communication…

Mercury is in retrograde.

What, you say?

Well, to keep it simple, Mercury is the planet of communication and retrograde means backwards! This wonderful confusing event is happening three times in 2023…as listed above.

What can we do about this disruption of the planet? Plan and be aware. All means of communication – fax, COMPUTERS, telephone and personal – are affected. You plan to meet a friend for lunch and you both go to different restaurants; you tell your hairdresser you want your hair trimmed and he/she gets carried away.

Travel plans need to be reconfirmed and important faxes, EMAILS and letters need to be followed up. Don’t take it for granted your message has arrived intact and clear!
This is not the time to start new ventures or make major purchases such as real estate, cars or computers.

It is, though, an excellent time to finish old projects, as our past will most certainly be “hitting us in the face”. What better time to clear old habits than now. This retrograde is an excellent time to lose weight, quit smoking, end restricting relationships and get on with our lives with a clear direction and intent.

It is important to be aware of changes around us but it is not necessary to overreact and lose our focus just because planets go through their normal processes. Work with this and be ready for the next one… forewarned is an excellent state to be in. Enjoy!

Words are Energy!

 Affirmation: I will treat others with fairness and compassion.

Dear Carole:
I have heard a lot of people talking of auras and the energy that comes from them and how we can be affected by them. Could you shed some light on this topic?
Thank you
Deborah from Barrie

Dear Deborah
A very timely question for sure. We are approaching a very emotional time of the year for most and it is a good idea to understand how energy can affect us. An aura is an energy field around our body… we all have one and it can change colors very quickly. Envision a rainbow around you and you have an aura! I keep it simple! One of the colors is red and my interpretation of this color is tension, green for control, orange for getting priorities in order, purple for healing, brown for grounding, rose for nurturing and blue for inner peace.

When you meet someone and feel angst or problems around them they are most likely emitting red… when you meet someone you would like to give a big hug to you can be sure that person is giving off rose, blue or purple. It is really that simple!

Our aura or energy can make or break us in business meetings or everyday relationships so we need to be aware of how we are feeling or presenting ourselves to others.

I would like to share an article a listener to my radio show sent me recently… again, timing is amazing!

Keeping in mind that words and auras can affect us, enjoy and share with others.

Thank you for your letter.

Below is a very good quotation about the power of our words. Once something has been said, it can never be taken back. Even if you apologize for it, you still cannot erase the words from the other person’s mind.

Do you remember the old saying …
*Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.*

Not true! Words can hurt you and others very much. There is tremendous power in the words we speak and the thoughts we think, especially the ones we think and speak over and over again. They then become our beliefs and can run our lives unconsciously.
This can also work in a very positive way. We never know when our words will inspire and uplift someone, or when something we say can change someone’s life for the better.

For example:
I ran into a young boy in the elevator today and he looked very sad. He was looking at his school paper and it had 3 red marks on it. I asked him what was the matter and he said. “I got three wrong”. And so I said, “Three out of how many?” And he replied – “Three out of 100”. I answered –“So you mean you got 97 RIGHT! If you ask me, that’s pretty close to GENIUS!” He looked up at me, his face beaming with the most delicious smile and then he literally skipped out of that elevator.

A few minutes, a few WORDS, a small miracle!

Today as you move about your world, pay close attention to what you are thinking and saying. You just may be the small miracle that someone else is waiting for.

* Words are more powerful than any army.
Swifter than a light beam. Words can ruin friendships.
Words can attract people to you, or drive them away.
Words can persuade others to take all sorts of actions.
Go to war. March for peace. To laugh. To cry. To buy.
Words in your “self-talk” can make you sad or happy.
Choose words you say to yourself or to others with the utmost care.*
~ Ted Nicholas ~

Books I suggest:
Living Loving and Learning by Leo Buscaglia
The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama
The Monk who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

Intro to Past Life Regression...

Intro to Past Life Regression…

We don’t receive wisdom: We must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us…
~~~Marcel Proust

Truer words have not been spoken and as I, a Psychic Medium, delve more and more into the possibility of Past Lives and Past Life Regression I see the results of letting go, trusting and allowing ourselves to look forward. Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing experts and believers in the subject of exploring where we have been and how the knowledge of this can help us to move forward with a greater awareness.

Recent guests on my radio show, Michael Newton, author of many books including Journey of Souls and Paul Cousineau, a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist from Collingwood, Ont. dispelled any fears of being out of control while under hypnosis, the first step in the process of learning about our Past lives.

I myself, through my Sagittarius female curiosity have, throughout the years experienced past life sessions with great results… No I wasn’t Joan of Arc or Queen Victoria in another life! I found that while “under” I could hear outside noises, traffic, birds, people talking so that convinced me that we are in control of our faculties while visiting our Past lives. It was just like viewing a slow moving video and I was comforted by the fact that I could come back to the “real world” when I chose to.

Back to Joan and the Queen… A big myth is that when we choose to go on this special type of a journey we always return with the knowledge that we were once someone famous – NOT! If you make the decision to go for a Past Life Regression with that in mind, you are wasting your time, energy and money.

We were all famous in our own way before but you were YOU and what you will see/learn during a PLR is meant to help you, to make you aware of what you are going through today. If, for instance your patterns and life style are hampering your growth in this life you are able, with the assistance of a reputable facilitator to recognize them, be willing to make conscious changes and move forward.

Sylvia Browne author of Past Lives, Future Lives wrote:
“Our Spirit minds remember every moment our souls have experienced, in this life and every other life since we were created. And so by accessing those cell memories, we can rid ourselves of long buried illness, phobias, pain and trauma.”

So true… Keep your options open and watch for my next column. I will share with you my ideas and excerpts from the book “Return… Past Life Regression and You” by Georgina Cannon… the facilitator for the recent and well received Past Lives Series on CBC Television.

We will also delve in to the intriguing story of Joanne McIvor aka Susan Morrow… the subject(s) of the famous book on Reincarnation by Jess Stearn “The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes.”

And, most importantly, how to find a reputable facilitator for this very important journey you are about to experience.

Till then remember the great Edgar Cayce’s words of wisdom…
“You’ve inherited most from yourself, not from your family!”

Food for thought!

Books I suggest on this topic:

Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton
A Case for Reincarnation, by Joe Fisher
The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes, by Jess Stearn
Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss
Only Love is Real, by Brian Weiss

Enjoy and try to keep an open mind!

Remember When... Remember Where???

Remember When… Remember Where???

Even the memory of a past life came to him occasionally, almost like a dream. He looked at a passing stranger, and felt that somewhere he must have lived a life of joy with him….
~~Walt Whitman

How often have you had an experience like the one Walt speaks of? You walk into a room full of strangers and know you have been there before. A visit to a town that you feel so comfortable in, even to the point of knowing what buildings are around the corner? A chance meeting with a stranger you feel so drawn to, you can almost hear his voice before he speaks. A meeting with a person and you instantly know you do not want to continue being in their energy and feel confused by your negative feelings toward them.

You have a very sensible career yet you desire to purchase a backpack and climb mountains or walk in a desert. You have an infinity to a foreign country, its’ language, customs and the people who live there. I don’t mean just having an insatiable craving for Chinese food!

Fears of the most insignificant things… you even feel silly admitting them?

Mid life crisis, Coincidences… no such thing!

You are experiencing past life flashbacks… emotions and events you have experienced before. Books and media documentaries are coming out of the woodwork lately in what I consider a positive move and long overdue. As a Psychic Medium I encounter many people who have put limitations on their life paths because of fear that they can’t find reasons for.

F E A R means False Evidence Appearing Real and I strongly suggest to my clients and listeners to my radio show that they go with their gut feelings and pursue the messages they are being given.

I have found in my own life that when you put it “out there” the answer appears… or “When The Student is ready The Teacher Appears.”

Consider experiencing a Past Life Regression with a reputable Facilitator. Word of mouth is to me the best way to find one that can guide you on this amazing journey. Ask friends and co-workers, and don’t hesitate because of the “FEAR” of feeling “new agey”. You will be surprised how many people have a card in their wallet of their very own Past Life Regressionist!

As Shirley MacLaine’s book teaches us… you have to go Out on a Limb in order to taste the fruit of the tree!

One of the most amazing books I have read is “The Search for the Girl with The Blue Eyes” by well known author Jess Stearn. A story of a girl in Orillia… Joanne McIvor, who through her father Ken’s “playing around” with hypnosis in their kitchen sent Joanne on a journey to places she couldn’t have been aware of. (I am going to tease you so you will search for and buy the book but in meantime will tell you bits of the story!)

Joanne, under hypnosis, tells her dad and others that she lived in what is now known as the “Meaford Tank Range”an area of one hundred acre farms taken over by the Government in 1942 and she lived there as Susan Morrow… married to a farmer named Thomas Morrow.

Next on the scene is author Jess Stearn … their calls peaked his journalistic interest and brought him from New York to walk and make notes with Joanne and others through the barren fields of the many miles of the area she claimed she lived and died in!

Now, remember…
Joanne is a teen, lives in Orillia and, keeping in mind that Meaford back then was more than a day trip and not an hour or so as we now know it. Joanne had no knowledge of the area, she gave names of people who lived in the same area and where they were buried. Many people she mentioned were interviewed and their families recalled her and her life in the area mentioned.

Awesome! Go and get the book!!!

Remember the words to the song “Where or When?’
“It seems we stood and talked like this before but I can’t remember where or when… the smile you are wearing now you were wearing then… but I can’t remember where or when.”

Enjoy and try to keep an open mind!

Smudging Cleanses Negative Energy...

Smudging Cleanses Negative Energy…

Dear Carole:
Could you please explain the concept of “smudging”. Is this a New Age fad or something to be aware of?

Thank you.
Andy from Toronto

 Dear Andy,
Thank you for your timely letter. Recently the Globe and Mail newspaper featured a full-page article on smudging.

Years ago, in old cowboy and Indian movies, you would see a gathering of people in a tent about to pass the peace pipe, usually before a trade of goods took place. In the midst of this scene was an Indian with a bowl, passing it around to the traders. In this bowl were herbs called sweetgrass and sage, set on fire and causing a big smoke. This procedure was done to cleanse the energies from the room so that trades could be accomplished with clear minds and intentions.

In today’s world, smudging is used in many ways. I have clients who were experiencing business problems, real estate deals that weren’t going through for some unknown reason or relationships that had been up and down since they moved to a new home or opened a new business. My role is to go to the premises and use a “smudge stick” to clear the air and the energy.

I do this by first closing all doors and windows, making my intent very clear, then using this mixture of sage, sweetgrass and sometimes lavender and cedar to release or get the energy moving. The most important part of smudging, other than intent, is to open the doors and windows after 15 to 20 minutes to then release all the past “stuff” that has accumulated.

An article I read recently made an excellent point about homes that had been lived in by smokers and coincidentally were not selling. One real estate lady had a home on the market for a long time, smudged it and a week later it sold. Why? Well, the way I see it, everything has energy, and smoke that has settled in a home or office and even in a car would make the air or energy stagnant. In a subliminal manner, prospective buyers feel this and hesitate to buy the property or car.

I have found that when a business has not done well and is eventually sold but not “cleared”, the new owners will also have problems. It really does make a lot of sense when we look at everything as having a feel of its own. Smudging is a neat concept and one worth looking into.

Our Inner Voice...

Our Inner Voice… 

What is it?  Do we all have one and even more puzzling…  Do our faithful pets share this asset with us?

I remember the feeling of awe as a young child when my Grandma Kenyon would always “know” when there was danger or other happenings in the family that no one else was aware of. Upon questioning her I would always get her famous wink and the words of wisdom, “A little birdy told me.”

Throughout my childhood I soon discovered that Grandma had obviously left the little feathered creature in her will, and I got it!

Working with people and learning how to use and trust my Inner voice or “gut” feeling as it is often referred to I also discovered that animals tune in to feelings of others…  Sometimes good, sometimes bad!

Remember the old saying “If children and dogs like you, then you must be okay?”
My Bichon Rebel used to travel with me when I worked out of town and I could always tell when a client was open to the energy that was around them just by Rebel’s acceptance of them.  If a client had an attitude as such (which of course I could handle) Reb would go and sit at the farthest part of the hotel suite…  No attitude, he would be right at their feet and often slept through the session! It was very interesting to watch, and I will mention that now my Bichon Tuffy has the same interaction with people.

I don’t put that down to the breed but to Animal Intuition.

Our pets know when we are “under the weather” so to speak and know when to either climb on our bed or sleep beside it.

They also have an internal clock as to when we will be arriving home from work or out of the home events.  Not always at the same time I have found through my research…  they just seem to “know” when we are turning that corner to come home. I have yet to meet a four legged wearing a Timex!

I recently watched an interesting show on Life Channel. “Animal Miracles” features stories about just that…  pets who have done extraordinary things to save their family from perishing in a fire or becoming victims of a robbery.  Obviously they smelled the smoke or heard a noise but how did they know what to do in an emergency?

I truly believe that they, like us, have their own little “birdy” guiding them and their Inner voice and “Gut feeling” kick in and awesome things occur.  Miracles!

Take the time to be aware that our pets are in our lives for a purpose and we need to be more tuned in to their thoughts and actions.  We can learn a lot from them and vice versa.

Enjoy the journey!

Pets in Spirit...

Affirmation:  I allow myself to view things with an open mind…

Do our pets come back to us in Spirit to let us know they are okay, feeling free and out of pain?

As the saying goes “If I had a penny for every time I am asked that question!”

During my life as a Medium I have seen visions of and connected with people who have passed on. I call them Guardian Angels… here to guide us and to guard us in our daily lives. I feel this is a gift and am proud to have it and to share with others.

One of the most interesting parts of my private consultations is when I am able to see or feel the energy of a pet who has passed on. I have never taken what I do for granted and I believe this keeps me open to the “other side.”

Recently, I was having a leisurely lunch with a friend when a big German Shepherd/Husky dog walked in the door of the restaurant.  He sat next to our table.

I am a Bichon Frise owner and have a tendency to be a bit intimidated by big dogs… perhaps this could be a past life issue?

The energy that I felt from this dog was amazing.  I of course stared at him for a second then looked at my lunch partner.  He hadn’t noticed the dog or even reacted to my gaping look!

Well, I don’t have to tell you, there was no physical dog sitting there and for a moment I thought I might be hallucinating. Knowing and feeling that our four legged visitor was there for a reason, I had to act on what was happening yet be cautious so my friend wouldn’t be upset.

I very casually asked Steve if he liked animals and if he had lived with dogs in his childhood.  My sense was that this dog was from his childhood.  I am accepting and open to these happenings which occur daily in my life.

As Steve was reminiscing in his mind I took out my trusty pen and paper and started describing the dog, even down to the floppy ear and white star design on the forehead of this majestic animal.  I must admit that I felt a cool shiver as Steve told me that he had a dog named “Star” that passed away when he was ten and he had never wanted another dog as he knew he could never replace him.
I then handed the paper over to him, smiled and said,  “Say hello to Star…. he is at your side and is your Guardian Angel.”

Its’ true… real men do cry and eat quiche! They also make it!

What started out as a simple lunch ended with my friend feeling comfort that his friend was with him in Spirit and also prompted the decision to be open to allowing another animal in his life.  Steve then told me that he had been thinking of and feeling the energy of Star in the past weeks and was missing his trusty four legged friend.  It was very clear to both of us that Star knew this and came to give his master a message through me.

Steve recently sent me a picture of Dakota, his new friend… both are well and happy!

The Universe and our Guardian Angels work in mysterious ways… be open to and trust the signs!

The Healing Energy of Crystals and Gems in Our Lives

The Healing Energy of Crystals and Gems in Our Lives

I am often asked how crystals and gems play a role in our lives and how and why I became interested in them.

I had the pleasure of being asked by the Victoria B.C. Lapidary Society to be their spokesperson at the annual Rock and Gem Show. This three day event in Victoria draws crowds from all over the country and was a great success for all involved.

Having hosted my radio show in Victoria for three years had put me in contact with many “crystal outlets”. Looking back now I have to smile when I remember what a challenge it was to talk to the owners of such stores and try to convince them that, yes, there is an appeal and a magic to these colourful blocks of material from the earth.
I soon discovered that as the interest in the information I gave to both my clients and listeners grew, so did the sales in the stores across the island and the mainland.

Having said this, it is understandable why it was quite an honor to be asked to be a part of this gathering of geologists. To not only be accepted but to be present to answer questions from both the society members and the hundreds of visitors to the exhibition made me silently say a big “YES”. The awareness that I had been spreading was finally coming full circle..

My interest in crystals came as a fluke, (no such thing as) when I first came to Victoria seven years ago. Prior to leaving Ontario I had a very bad case of inner ear infection, bordering on vertigo. My determination to relocate out there made me fly against the doctor’s orders, and I must admit, it did aggravate the condition.

Having decided one day to explore the streets of Victoria I wandered into a store that had all sorts of wonderful stones and crystals. Not really knowing what they were I picked up a beautiful shiny black piece, held it in my hand and asked the salesclerk what it was. She answered my question with “do you have inner ear infection?” Well, after I caught my breath I said “yes, why?’ Her answer was…”well that is hematite and it is for keeping one grounded, especially when off balance from an ear infection. One can only imagine my surprise and my haste to leave the store. Was this woman for real or a mind reader!!

As my visits to B.C. became more frequent I had more interesting stories around crystals and my “finding” them.

One very touching story was when I found out my oldest daughter was about to have her third child…(the call from the doctor came three months after her husband had a vasectomy that did not work).

Although they were happy there were many mixed emotions, mostly brought on by financial stresses.

On another of my daily walks in Victoria I wandered in to the same store and was thinking about my daughter when I saw a very beautiful piece of rose quartz. Again, I asked what it was and the same clerk said ”Do you have someone who is pregnant?” Well, now I was speechless and wondering if everyone out west was psychic!!! She informed me that this is a stone of nurturing and mothering, and commonly given to expectant mothers. Well, I just stammered thank you, bought it and sent it to my daughter!!!

A client of mine called me a few months ago and asked what crystal to give an expectant sister… I of course suggested rose quartz. Soon after I received another call from her… quite distressed. Apparently the rose quartz had broken in half… I just smiled and said “Did she have twins?” …she had!

I cannot help but believe in the ability of crystals to help us in healing, especially emotionally!

Just to have a crystal to focus on and know that the energy is working with us is a wonderful tool to keep us going in a world that is going through a lot of unrest and turmoil.

Although I must say, I believe it is not the world but the people… the world is beautiful.

Take a moment to look at the ever expanding blue skies and lush green grass and trees we are fortunate to have in our lives.

I have many more crystal findings and plan to share them with you in future columns.

In the meantime find the one that is special to you and your journey.


For more information about crystals and gems, get a copy of Judy Hall’s “Crystal Bible.”

The Power of My Guides

Affirmation:  “I trust in the power of my guides.”

I would like to share my ideas or beliefs on Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels with you.

Throughout my life as a Medium and having the opportunity of talking with and meeting people from all over the world, I can honestly say I believe that we have assistance from many realms. Listeners to my radio show and my clients are always very eager to know the difference between Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.

As we go through our daily life we have many angels around us, there to assist us when we ask… and remember, we have to ask!

I believe that before we are born we have guides that we make a contract with and they are with us throughout our lives. What better word for energies that can take us through our lives, give us signs that we are on either the right or wrong path… Guides!
Skeptics will always have arguments towards this concept but, if we are open to the thought we will benefit from the directions we are shown.

While living on beautiful Salt Spring island in B.C. I read a book by Medium and author Rosemary Altea…”The Eagle and the Rose.” Rosemary spoke of a Native named Gray Feather and the role he played in her life as her guide. I admit I was very skeptical and thought “how can someone you never knew or met be your Guide!” Well, the Universe decided to show me by making a very tall native man appear at the bottom of my bed, put his arms out and say “be peaceful!” No, I hadn’t consumed too much brandy and did not eat pizza before retiring that evening. He appeared two nights in a row with the same message. I of course, told no one and wondered why, and most importantly, how did he manifest at the bottom of my bed at three in the morning!

Much to my surprise during a walk around the island I came upon an artist painting a picture of a man identical to the one in my room. Again, I didn’t say anything to my friends, just pondered on it and talked to my Guardian Angels and asked them how this had happened. Coincidence or an over active imagination! I was open to both.

Time, and learning that the artist had appeared on the island with the intent of painting one picture and then leave showed me it was not my imagination and the painting is hanging on my wall as I write this column..

I of course wrote Rosemary Altea a letter of apology for doubting her book and thanked my angels for giving me a sign that yes; it is possible to have guides in spirit or Spirit Guides!

As a Medium I see people who have passed on and I refer to them as Guardian Angels… I don’t use the word dead or spirit in this instance. They are here to guide us and guard us… hence, Guardian Angels.

I totally believe in the heavenly angels… Archangel Michael, Raphael and Uriel and numerous others. They also give us direction and look out for us. How many times have you heard of a near accident or one that could have been much worse and the words used to describe the event are usually” it was a miracle.”

I call it divine intervention!

Just trust and you will see many signs as I did and you too will believe!
Be Peaceful

Recommended Reading:
The Eagle and the Rose by Rosemary Altea
Angels in the forest by Susan Duplan
Crossing Over by John Edward
Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue
Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette

Living in the Moment

 Apply the Four Agreements in our Daily Lives

Affirmation:  “I allow myself to be present and in the moment.

How do we learn to live in the present moment?

I have finally found the way to live in the moment.

Whenever you feel that you are stuck in the memories of the past or dwell on the negatives that were part of your journey simply stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself…

What have I learned from these lessons and is it in my good to continue on this path or stop right where you are and look around you. I remember clearly the day, in my early twenties and as a single parent I felt like the whole Universe was closing in on me and very quickly I will add. I called my father and whined to him about all the issues that were overwhelming me. Well, my dad was always a man of few words and his advice was to go look out the window at all the people walking in the street… they had many more problems than I would ever have!

Was I pleased with his advice? Not in the least… they were they and I was me and at that moment I very foolishly thought my wise father had let me down. Poor judgment on my part and oh so wrong!

Every thing is energy and once we realize that what we project we will attract, plain and simple. E.g. you rush home from work and on the way remember that you forgot the main ingredient for tonight’s’ dinner… a trip to the nearby grocery store is in order. Not in your plans of course but it can’t be avoided. Be guaranteed that if you are totally in a bad “poor me” mood you will attract the one cashier who has had the same type of day you had. So, remember my wonderful father’s wise words, stand back, collect yourself and be glad you are able to drive to a store/buy food and go home and cook for yourself or your family. You are now in the MOMENT and you will notice a little smile creeping across your lips.

Make a habit of doing this, because one attempt to be in the present moment can keep you from a lifetime of headaches and rushed days.

We will always have days that I call “bad hair days”…

Our moods will catch up with us but this only shows that we are human and that is the wonderful part of this journey…we have choices.

Take care of what is in front of you and the Universe will do the rest.

Suggested Reading:
If you hear the message three times listen, by: Patricia Heller
Celestine Prophecy by: James Redfield

I Allow Myself to be Me

Affirmation: I allow myself to be me!

Medium is not a dress size nor is it that way you prefer your steak. Not in my life, anyway. A Medium is me, Carole Matthews. It is also a way of life, a gift that it seems I entered this wonderful planet with.

I am often asked what it was like being me and growing up in a small town on Lake Simcoe and seeing what normal people would call ghosts. I always called them Guardian Angels and I still do to this day. How did I do it? Day by day I took baby steps in learning how to handle and get used to these “people” who would be at my side no matter where I went.

How does a young child with the gift of seeing and hearing people from the “Other side” convince others that this is happening? Not easy! You really have to work up to it very carefully!

Seeing Grandpa at the bottom of my bed telling me not to worry, he would always love me and be there for me and then discover upon waking that he had passed on an hour before he tucked me in. Now, that was an interesting dinner table topic!

My wonderful Cocker Spaniel Nipper used to climb up on the bed at night and cuddle with me. Well, that’s quite usual, except he had been passed on for over a year.

I learned at a very early age that some things were to be kept to myself… parents just didn’t understand and usually blamed my stories on too much ice cream before bed or a flair for dramatics. Well, the ice cream privileges stopped but the visits continued and they do to this day. Now I understand and am honored to be part of their visiting agenda.

I have always paid extra attention and listen to children who talk about Angels and their nightmares about people who have passed away because I was there. I remember the frustration of wanting people to believe things this cute knowledgeable 6 year old was telling anyone who would listen. It was so real to me why couldn’t it be real to them?

One day while I was skipping, without a care in the world, down to the local store for a quart of milk I saw a car hit the side of the bridge and fall into the river. Running home very quickly I told mom and dad and the police and Fire Department were dispatched to the scene. No car in the river! You can imagine the ruckus that brought, not only to my living room but to the whole town. If only they had been a bit more patient… the car did its plunge the next day. I saw it ahead of time… what a gift! Some would say not.

You quickly develop a good sense of humor and learn how to roll your eyes and say “oh, not again” when yet another event occurs that you saw ahead of time!

I am pleased, and relieved that through the media more attention is being given to shows like Medium, Ghost Whisperer and others too numerous to name.

Recently I had the pleasure of being Key Note speaker for a group of very open and curious women and was amazed at how they reacted and interacted with myself and the subject. One we couldn’t have discussed openly ten or fifteen years ago.

A point I make at the end of each of my talks and consultations is simply this: Trust in yourself and know that if and when you have a visit of a different kind from Grandpa or an old friend… they are Guardian Angels and are here to guard you and guide you. They aren’t going to jump out of a closet at you… Angels are just that!

Secondly, always listen to your children when they want to share their dreams or when they ask you so set another place at the table for their new friend. Really listen!

You could be blessed with another ME on your hands and that could be a wonderful journey for all involved.


Suggested Books:
Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue
Crystal Children and Rainbow Children by Doreen Virtue
When God Winks by Squire Rushnell

I Trust in The Signs My Angels Give Me

Affirmation: I Trust in The Signs My Angels Give Me

Our daily lives have become very busy and sometimes much disorganized. We are spending more time hurrying up and waiting and feeling like we are going in circles. Well, we aren’t, it just seems that way. Sometimes traffic jams and crashed computers are signs that we need to slow down and smell the coffee and the roses!
I believe our Guardian Angels send us these little set backs just so we can take time and get a better perspective on things.

Recently I heard a lady complaining about the uncertainty in our weather and how it was inconveniencing her daily plans. Well, could I bite my tongue and not mention how many people are destitute because of storms and tornados that actually were not penciled in their day timers or on their “to do” list? You guessed it… I told her in a nice way of course, and as synchronicity happens I met her again a week later and she thanked me for the “lecture.” Seems her friends had been traveling and unknown to my new acquaintance, decided to do some spur of the moment sightseeing and lost everything in the New Orleans disaster. We now have a new volunteer in town… guess who?

I believe that we are in the right place at the right time to be Guardian Angels here on earth and that the Universe sends us people needing a wake up call or a SATORI, as my favorite author and Inspirational speaker Wayne Dyer calls it! You can use the word… I love it!

Our Guardian Angels work in many ways and the more we listen to them and acknowledge that, “well, maybe it wasn’t a coincidence” more signs will come our way. Every thing is energy and when we begin to react in a positive way we will believe the saying “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I would like to share some incidents or happenings that may open your awareness to Angel messages or “signs”!

We have all had times in our lives when financial difficulties seemed to be never ending. Yet there was always enough money for basic expenses… rent, food, utilities. Finances always seemed to appear where and when they were needed.

Do you recall the day you received your last check from unemployment and panicked…well, out of the blue a job came along? And a good one at that!

Have you ever walked into a book store not knowing what to buy, and the book you need falls from a shelf and practically hits you over the head.

You finally end a dead end relationship and immediately another partner comes into your life.

Remember when you were feeling totally depressed and couldn’t find a purpose or even a focus in your life and the next person you talk you says something that brings you the guidance you need.

We have all experienced this subtle sign… You drive to a place where parking is “next to impossible” and someone pulls out of a parking spot or it is just waiting for you.

Do your self a favor and make it your mission in your daily travels to be aware of little out of the ordinary things that happen i.e. A song that your father used to sing comes on the radio just as you are thinking of him or you have been feeling rather lost regarding your career and your boss sends you flowers!

Got it?

A book I suggest:
If you hear the Message Three Times…Listen by Patricia Heller

Just Trust

Affirmation:  “I allow myself to trust my inner voice.”

Many thanks for the letters and comments on my columns and their content. The intent of The MessengerFiles Radio show and column is to help people become more aware in all areas of “New Age” topics. The common thread I have found through your requests and questions is plain and simple curiosity:

“I want to know more, can we really benefit from daily affirmations? Are Guardian angels real, do they exist and how can I tap in to this “unseen” phenomena? Do we all have soul-mates and how do we know when we meet them?” The questions are endless and interesting, and of course, a columnists dream!

Feedback I have been receiving from metaphysical stores across Canada and into the States is very encouraging: sales in Tarot cards, Medicine Cards, Runes and all other forms of divination are soaring. People are experimenting and following their intuition more and starting to trust their findings.

Television shows such as Touched By An Angel, Miracles, Crossing Over with medium John Edward and others, are enjoying excellent ratings and reviews. I will proudly mention also that my MessengerFiles radio show has been well received and the phone lines are busier each week. I am pleased that questions and feedback from listeners have depth, not just “fortune teller” questions…i.e. “am I getting a new car, or what are my lucky numbers etc.”

I am often asked why the interest now, more than before. My answer is that the subject has been around for years, only now are we discovering that we need to have something to believe in that brings optimism and is eternal. Hence, an amazing assortment of books and tapes on life after death, reincarnation, guardian angels and soul-mates.

A couple of years ago I reluctantly appeared on a national television show in Toronto. The intent of the show was to debunk what I and others in my profession do… the subject of angels and reincarnation was of course brought up. I admit I was rather tense but stood up for my beliefs during the hosts’ opening interview. The telephone lines were then opened, it was very apparent as the show progressed that callers who were expected to voice their disbelief in the topic were doing the total opposite. A show that was geared up for debate turned into a sharing of stories from very open and dedicated people, ones who obviously had experienced sessions with a medium, visits from guardian angels and lifetimes with their soul-mates.

Statistics from surveys in Canada and the United States show that from 1976 to 2003 belief in listening to your dreams, following your inner voice, messages from those passed over, reincarnation and other related subjects has grown between 60 to 80% I will close by saying “Just Trust” and give it a try!


Everything that surrounds us,
Everything that we brush past unknowing,
Everything we touch which is not felt,
Everything that we meet unnoticing
Has on us swift, surprising and inexplicable effects.

~ DeMaupassant


Daily our awareness is increasing and we are recognizing that there is no such thing as coincidence.

“Coincidence is God’s way of opening the door to fate.”
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michael Newton author of many books… his latest being Lives Between Lives. I have always believed in Soulmates, Past Lives and Reincarnation so it was with bated breath that I waited for this meeting with this interesting man.

It was almost as if the Universe knew I would be talking with Michael because I started receiving letters/ emails and phone calls about Soulmates and their roles in our lives. How do we recognize them and most importantly… do we marry them!

Let’s talk about what Soulmates are and the three categories they can fall into:

Primary Soulmates:
This soul can frequently, but not always, be a spouse or a very committed partner. You may find them in the role of a brother, sister, best friend, and even, on rare occasions, a parent.

Companion Soulmates:
Michael writes that these are souls within a cluster group who make-up our spiritual family. They can appear in our lives as siblings, children and also as good friends.

Affiliated Souls:
I see these soulmates as people who have come into our lives for a reason… to teach us something… such as karmic lessons. We all know that Karma, as in the words of Jessica Andrews very popular song of the same name.., ”What goes round comes round.”

I believe, and have, as we all have, seen instances where someone comes into our lives… we spend time with them, learn many things with them and from them and they all of a sudden leave our lives.

We are devastated, thinking that they would have been with us forever and we spend our days questioning the relationship.
I counsel my clients, and have had to talk to myself in my own personal life…”Let it go… take what you learned from meeting this person or persons and get yourself ready for the positive doors that will now open for you.” Not easy, I admit but if we give it a try it works. Much better than the option of beating ourselves up standing still and not growing!

People come in to our lives for a Reason a Season or a Lifetime.
There is a formula I worked out one day while talking with a client. It just came to me out of the blue and made a lot of sense at the time so I continue to use it and share with people!

I believe that we have to go through the experiences with the people that come into our lives for a REASON. The reason can be simply to show us that we have to open up more emotionally or, to not give as much in that area.

We meet the SEASON people to show us that we don’t really have to get totally involved to enjoy ourselves. Season people can teach us to just have fun, grow, get to know ourselves. To learn that we are safe to keep our own identity and therefore will attract the same energy in another person. Many needs can be met with a Season person if we just trust in ourselves to take one day at a time and pursue our dreams with them, but not necessarily ride off into the sunset with them! They are the people who say, “Hey, have you ever wanted to ride a motorbike… jump on! Have you ever wanted to go windsurfing in the middle of the week?
Wow, your inner child is screaming… “give me more!!!”

SO NOW… The LIFETIME person. Well, we have gone through the Reason and Season people. We are pretty sure of ourselves and our direction and what we want and don’t want in our daily lives. Well, now, coincidentally (again, no such thing) the Lifetime person will appear and will have experienced and survived all or some of the places we have gone in our mind or physically with our REASON and SEASON partners.

Awareness of this will be instant for both people and voila!!!

We have met our Soulmate!

Isn’t life a wonderful journey?

Be there, be open and enjoy!!!!

Books I recommend on the Subject:
Soulmates by Jess Stearn
Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss M.D.
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss M.D.
Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton
Life Between Lives by Michael Newton
Case For Reincarnation by Joe Fisher

Tuffy... Rebel?

Tuffy…  Rebel???…

Throughout my many years of having the gift of being a Psychic/Medium I have had the pleasure of meeting many people, hearing their stories  and in turn sharing them with my clients, radio listeners and through columns such as this one.

I truly believe we receive messages from those departed, whether it be a person we have loved or an animal that was dear to us.  These messages don’t have to be words or visual happenings, they can just be!

My own experience with having a Bichon named Rebel for 15 years and having to make the decision to let him go while he could still see and feel the sunshine on his face, has made me even more of a believer in our Angels helping us.

I had heard the  words “Coincidence is God’s way of opening the door to fate” many times in my life and I was about to be shown the truth of this saying!

After endless days of grieving for my dog, I, through a coincidental conversation, heard about new puppies of the same breed so off I went to look, just look mind you.

 Of course… I like many who have gone through this type of loss, was NOT ever going to have another dog in my life. Or so I thought! If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans.

Well, not only did I find the right puppy, or shall I say… he found me, but Tuffy, my new friend, was born in Meaford, on the same day and same hour as my long time pal Rebel passed away.

After only twenty four hours in my  home Tuffy went what I call “missing” and there I was scampering around my cabin looking for him. I had just turned off the television and computer. This was always Rebel’s cue to go to the bedroom door and await the arrival of his mistress.  You guessed it, there he sat, all 3 lbs of fur and big brown eyes with an expectant look on his face. In front of my bedroom door!

I knew at that moment that after Rebel’s soul had been released  he made a choice to come back and be with me again. Coincidence?? I think not.

Angels show themselves to you when you least expect it, often when all hope is lost… Just be open to the signs!

The Afterlife of Pets

Never gone… 

Never forgotten…

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened!

Truer words have never been spoken.

I was honored recently to have Kim Sheridan, Author of “Animals and the Afterlife,” on my MessengerFiles radio show. 

Throughout the years, during private sessions with my clients I have seen and felt the presence of their departed animals.

I guess this is where I explain that I was born with the gift of being an Intuitive Medium. And I enjoy every day of the journey. A Medium, for those of you who are not familiar with the term, is not only a dress size but is a person who, during a session, mediates/interprets messages from those who have passed on.

When with a client I will see/hear and feel their passed on parent, sibling, co-worker and, much to my amazement one day in 1980…their departed animals.

I have always called those who have passed on “Guardian Angels. They are here to guard us and guide us, so Angels they are!

To get back to that day in 1980, I was with a client in my office when suddenly I felt a cat stroke up against my leg . Well, I was having much difficulty keeping a straight face, and I may point out, I was not at all fond of cats at that time. Said cat, orange in color, then climbed up on the back of the wing chair my client was relaxing in. I asked Michael if indeed he had a cat. On a separate piece of paper I wrote down what I was seeing, size color and collar design. Michael informed me that he had a cat named “Blue” that not only fit the description, but also always used to curl up behind him on his favorite wing chair. I smiled and said “say hi to Blue.”

From that day forward I enjoyed many of my clients passed on animals coming to me. Either in shape/aroma /name or just through a “pet trick” they had with their owners.

It always brings comfort to people to know that their animals indeed do have souls and experience the same passing over process we as humans do.

I suggest for you to remain open about this concept and talk to your pets the way you would talk to your passed on family members and friends.

Be open to signs that will appear… you may feel a warm breeze, or even a nudge on your leg. Don’t be alarmed. Your beloved pet didn’t hurt you in life… they won’t now.

Just trust and your Guardian Angels will give you the signs that you ask for.


You will Know...

You will Know…

“We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.”
~ George Eliot

What a meaningful quote. Words of wisdom that prove to us that our pets are here to help us and to be an ongoing part of our lives.

We need to be aware that the bond that we shared with them goes on forever and, as in life, they do not judge us or hold us responsible for any of our actions.

One of the most difficult things is knowing when to let go of an animal that we have shared our days with. Dr. Easton, a well known vet in Toronto, set me at ease with his advice regarding the decisions that I would be making for my Bichon/Friend Rebel.

“Always remember it is important to make the decision while he can still see the sunshine and feel the warmth of it on his body.”

When I asked him how I would know he just smiled and said “you will know, he will tell you!”

I spoke earlier of a bond that we have with our pets… I also feel it is like a contract made before they even arrive in our lives. The intuitive feeling we experience will continue and they also will tell us when it is time to release their ashes or to have the final resting place made ready for them.

I am often asked if spreading their ashes will set them free and help them to move on.
My answer is simply, as Dr. Easton once said “you will know!”

I truly believe that it is a decision made with them and they, because of the bond and the trust we shared in life, will leave it up to us.

I always suggest to my clients to take the time to sit quietly and recall the good times you had together and then ask them what they want. Consider them your Guardian Angel and trust that the message you receive will be the one they know will be best for both of you.

Books I suggest are:
Pets Tell the Truth by Agnes Julia Thomas
Animals and The Afterlife by Kim Sheridan

As We Think, So Shall We Be

Apply the Four Agreements in our Daily Lives

~~AFFIRMATION of the Week~~
“I trust in the power of speaking my truth.”

We receive messages daily from the Universe and when we are open to them and trust in the direction they can lead us our energy improves. Of course we are aware of the age old theory “As we think so shall we be” and that everything and everyone is energy. Trust in yourself and you will attract situations and people of like mind. Allow leeriness and mistrust in your life and guess what you attract!

I and many thousands of people have been intrigued by a very down to earth man named Don Miguel Ruiz and his teachings. His powerful book “The Four Agreements” has been a best seller for a few years and his message is very simple and user friendly!

Don Miguel believes that:
“Everything we do is based on agreements we have made—agreements with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life. But the most important agreements are the ones we make with ourselves. In these agreements we tell ourselves who we are, how to behave, what is possible, what is impossible. One single agreement is not such a problem, but we have many agreements that come from fear, deplete our energy, and diminish our self-worth.”

“In these agreements we tell ourselves who we are, how to behave, what is possible, what is impossible.
Don Miguel’s words encourage us NOT to allow self limiting beliefs in our lives and to follow and adapt four very simple agreements.

I myself believe that we have many mind sets that we have carried over from past lives and can only benefit from working on erasing them and moving on. We are here this time to get it right, remember?
I will tease you now with these agreements and strongly suggest that you follow up and read this amazing book.

The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of being that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.
1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.
4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Well, one of my favorite sayings is “Its’ like Chicken Soup…can’t hurt and may just help!”

Trust and enjoy Don Miguel’s teachings.

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears

~~Carole Matthews

Is Jake still here???

Is Jake still here???

~~AFFIRMATION of the Week~~
“I believe my Guardian Angels are with me”

I thank you for your letters and emails and welcome you to
continue to send your questions and stories.
Your story will help others to learn more about our faithful friends.

I have chosen to answer a letter from a reader today about our pets and their presence around us after they have passed on…

Dear Carole:
I recently lost Jake my best friend of fifteen years .My other dog Harry is having a hard time also and has been moping around the house. We make a good pair. Recently I noticed that he was acting like he is playing with his toys and playing catch just like he used to do with Jake. It feels like Jake is around the house and I am sure if I mention it to my friends they will waste no time putting me “out to pasture”. Are Harry’s actions my imagination or? HELP!

Elaine from Sudbury

Hi Elaine:
Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Nope ,these happenings are not your imagination at all and I am sure if you tell your friends, especially ones who have lost their pets they will share similar stories with you.

I know from experience that our pets do come back to us, just as our passed on relatives and friends do. Harry is seeing Jake and is carrying on playing just as he did before. Animals are like children, innocent and free of the stress of daily life so they can see and feel things. Often stronger than we can.

I believe, and again through my own personal experiences with my passed on Bichon Rebel that they choose to come back to us and give us signs that they are okay.

Some may say it is imagination or wishful thinking. I say, sit back; take notice when these little things occur.

.At times you may feel an indent in your bed or couch cushion when you are sleeping or watching television or you may see a shadow across the room. Don’t panic… you are not losing it.

Our pets will continue to give us subtle clues that they are with us… they didn’t harm us in life, they won’t now.

They have chosen to return and be your Guardian Angels now so enjoy these special moments with them and say thank you.



Affirmation: I believe in the magic of my dreams…

Magical? Yes dreams can be if we listen to them and follow the direction they put us in – in both our personal and career path.

One of the many hats I wear as an Intuitive is to interpret dreams for my clients and listeners to my radio show.

We are living in such a fast paced environment, sometimes exciting other times stressful.  Our dreams can be the catalyst for us to either slow down or pick up pace!  I believe that our dreams are sent to us often as messages from our Guardian Angels.

During a consultation with a client we will discuss the fact that they have been so very stressed at work and had a dream of their passed on parent standing at the end of their bed with a frown and a sense of concern. I set them at ease by simply telling them that the bedroom is the only quiet place their Angels or Guides can get their undivided attention.

A rule of thumb when dealing with our dreams is to prepare ourselves ahead of time to remember them. We can program our mind to recall our dreams upon awakening.  How often do we tell ourselves we have to wake up early for an important meeting?  Same thing.  Our mind listens and stores what we put in it… whether it be tuning in to our dreams or remembering to make appointments!

Dreams can be our ticket to wonderful journeys or simply “wake-up calls”, no pun intended, to parts of our lives that we have to make shifts in!

So, we have programmed ourselves to remember our dreams.  What now?

I suggest keeping a journal and pen at side of the bed and when awakening, do NOT get out of bed.  Place yourself in a comfortable position, relax and focus on what was happening during your dream.

Note the season, the clothing you were wearing and the mood of the dream. Were you happy, anxious, alone or with a crowd of people?  Did you know them?  How did you feel about their presence and what message did you get from being with them?

Quite often we have Past Life dreams which are the reason I mention the clothing you were wearing and the people involved at the time.

Questions to ask yourself while relaxing are; first, and seriously, did I eat too late in the evening. Our system can be altered by pizza, greasy food or that faithful standby… Chinese food!

Secondly: is the dream about happenings in my present day surroundings and what am I learning from this? For instance, a very common dream is the elevator dream… you are stuck in it or it rises or descends quickly. Are you heading into a situation in life, career or personal where you need to be more in control of the direction you are taking?

Consider also while analyzing your dream whether it is a message that perhaps you have been giving too much of yourself in personal or career relationships. A dream of a speeding car or a flat tire often comes along to warn us about this. A definite need to slow down and not allow the “air” or energy to be depleted from our systems.

Quite often when we are entering big changes in our lives i.e. a marriage/divorce or out of town move we will dream of the house or area we grew up in and often the people who were in our lives at the time. This dream, a very common one with my clients, is simply that you are revisiting the place or time where you were comfortable and secure. Give yourself permission to move on from that phase of your life and take the steps that are awaiting you.

Dreams are meant to help us to move on with our lives or to just confirm that we are happy with where we are but to be open to any changes that may be coming to us.

Enjoy them and learn from them!

Books I highly recommend:
Stream of Dreams by Leon Nascon
Interpreting Dreams A-Z by Leon Nascon

Is Your Pet Intuitive??

Is Your Pet Intuitive??

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language… 
~ Martin Buber (1878-1965)

What do you see when you look into your animals’ eyes? I see and feel unconditional love, compassion and awareness.

We can learn so much from our pets… whether they be dogs, cats, horses or iguanas.  Having said that, I can’t imagine hanging around an iguana long enough to see if it is compassionate but I am sure it is!

If we can take time each day to connect with our pets we will see that they are much more aware of our feelings than we are. We try to hide emotions because it’s supposed to be “the thing to do.”  The old cliché “Real men don’t cry”.  Well, we know that they not only cry but they also eat quiche!

Communicating with our animals is a gift that we can all benefit from. I believe it is a gift that keeps giving.

Our pets are aware of the time we arrive home from our daily journeys. Even when we are rushed and running behind they sense our arrival and are waiting patiently for us, either on the doorstep or at the window. When was the last time you were ecstatic to see someone who was twenty minutes late for a meeting with you?  Patience is a lesson we can learn from our animals.

Dogs and cats are very intuitive and have in many cases warned of and prevented home fires and everyday accidents around the house.

A story by Dr. Milan Ryzl documents how a collie used to accompany his master to work each day. One day the collie simply stopped walking and refused to continue any further, turned around and returned home.  This weird behavior made his owner rather upset. While discussing it with a coworker his wife called and said the dog was acting strangely.  An hour later there was an explosion in the factory and all perished.

Animals can also feel and react to the energy/aura of people that we humans are best to avoid in our everyday lives.

A very prominent business man and client of mine takes his Labrador to the board room with him during important business interviews… You guessed it, if the dog acts strangely towards a member of the meeting my client reviews that person’s resume. Keep in mind, the key word here is prominent, so it seems his theory is working!

Take the time to bond with your animals, get to know and feel their energy and you will find events in your daily lives will improve.

Relationships with animals teach us that there is interconnectedness with all living things.

Enjoy the journey.

Books I suggest:
Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
Animals and the Afterlife by Kim Sheridan
Is Your Pet Psychic by Richard Webster

A Goose Story

A Goose Story

“I allow myself to give and receive.”

One of the awesome parts of my life as a Psychic Medium is getting to meet people and share my gift with them. Private consultations, Seminars and my radio show “The Messengerfiles” have brought many wonderful people and their stories in to my life… I would like to share one sent to me by Veronica Hay from

The following concept is certainly not new to us but I feel that in our daily hustle and bustle lifestyle we need to stand back at look at what and who propels us in our daily lives.

A Goose Story

*When you see geese heading south flying along in a “V” formation, you might be interested in knowing what science has discovered about why they fly that way.

It has been learned that as each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in a *V* formation, the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range.
People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier, because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.

Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to do it alone, and quickly gets into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird immediately in front. (If we have as much sense as a goose, we will stay in formation with those who are headed the same way we are going.)  When the lead goose gets tired, he rotates back in the wing and another goose flies point.

It pays to take turns doing hard jobs – with people or with geese flying south. The geese honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. (What do we say when we honk from behind?)

Finally, when a goose gets sick, or is wounded by gun shots and falls out, two geese fall out of formation and follow him down to help and protect him. They stay with him until he is either able to fly or until he is dead, and they then launch out on their own or with another formation to catch up with the group.  If we have the sense of a goose, we will stand by each other like that.*

Take time to clear the clutter in your life… have a love affair with yourself and know that everything is energy and what you put out you will receive back.

Enjoy the flight!

Books I recommend:
**The Power of Intention, by Wayne Dyer
**The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity, by Terah Kathryn Collins
**Discover Your Destiny, by Robin Sharma
**Living in the Light, By Shakti Gaiwan
**Live the Life You Were Born to Live, by Dan Millman



Trusting is an important part of manifesting needs, desires…

Each week I feature an affirmation. I have been asked how they work and what is the best way to get effects from them. An affirmation is a statement of intent; something you say to manifest what you need and desire in your life.

Having said that, I always voice mine declaring that I already have what I want and need.  For instance, if you say, “I want a better job, a satisfying relationship, you will always be “wanting”.  I suggest to thank the universe for the better job position or the relationship as if it is already there.  A very important part of manifesting is trusting. I believe we have a five-step program to follow: desire, intent, surrender and allowance … then trust.

Let’s use wanting a home move for instance: The “desire” is to state that we want to move.

An “intent” that has been very popular with clients and listeners to my radio show is to pack a small box with one item from each room of your home.

“Surrender” is the next step. Tape up the box, put the location of your next residence, we don’t always know the address, on the label, put it in your cupboard, stand back and “allow’ it to happen.

This of course brings the need to “trust!” Give it a try. Trusting is the most difficult of the whole process because it is an “out there thing” that cannot be seen, but once we start to trust in ourselves and give the universe the chance it needs to help us, we won’t look back.

Excellent books/audio tapes on the subject of manifesting are: “Manifest Your Destiny” and “You Will See It When You Believe It, both by Wayne Dyer” and “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.  I have also discovered, or did she discover me, a neat lady with a very upbeat concept and best selling book…Grace Cirocco is the author of ”Take The Step, The Bridge will be There.”

Take a few moments each day to say your affirmations; my suggestion is starting your day on a positive note.  Belt them out in the shower. It’s a great feeling, trust me! (There’s that big word again). 

Standing in front of a mirror and connecting with your eyes and telling that person in front of you that you are “having a wonderful day,” or are thankful for having a constructive meeting with “the boss,” is a very powerful way to affirm your intentions.

I always say you have nothing to lose. It is like chicken soup, it can’t hurt and it might help. Enjoy the process!

The intent of the above affirmation is to allow us to enjoy the beauty around us, not to wish for a better planet, or for more interest in ecological measures.  By saying this we are acknowledging that it is there already and we appreciate it, and therefore it will continue… And So It Is!!

I Learned from Spirit

Everything I Know I Learned from Spirit…

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”

When I look at this quote, I have a vivid memory of when I received it many years ago from a client. I didn’t realize it at the time, that this was a message sent to me by my angels and that I would listen and learn from it in order to help others.

A question that I am often asked is, what is it like to be a psychic medium and receive messages from the “other side.”

Well, I have been like this all of my life, as far back as I can remember. I tormented myself by analyzing everything that I would “see” as a child and a young adult. Going with the flow in my daily life was certainly not easy. I now spend my days sharing with people, that by taking ourselves lightly is the only way we will get to know and feel our angels around us. Guess what? I learned this in order to feel their presence and therefore “take myself lightly.”

Seeing shadows and angelic figures was and still can be interesting yet challenging at times, including around people that I meet. I deal with feeling instant pain in parts of my body only to find out later that the people I have just met were experiencing the same symptoms and the pain .These symptoms are their’s and not mine.

Growing up was quite a journey and I must say, even now there is never a dull moment.

I feel very blessed to have a gift that help people make positive directions in their lives. Just by sharing messages and insights with them that I am “given” from their guardian angels.

I would like to share a letter with you…

Dear Carole:
I listen to your radio show and wonder if you can give me some insight into something that has been bothering me. My late grandmother whom I never met came to me in a dream on my birthday and often when I am just sitting and reading or out walking I will feel her presence . Is this my imagination and why does she come to me even though we never knew each other and also, why on my birthday.

Lynda from Barrie

Dear Lynda:
A great letter and full of questions that I assure you many of my listeners and clients have been curious about.

Your grandmother, although you never knew her is part of what I call your spiritual DNA. I believe in past lives and it is obvious to me as a medium that you and your grandmother shared time and space before. Interesting that she comes to you on your birthday, I feel that our angels are around us on the anniversary of their passing and birthdays… either theirs or ours. During these occasions they will show themselves to us in many different ways so let it happen. Be open and enjoy the experience and take yourself lightly.

Books that I recommend:
*Angel Visions, By Doreen Virtue
*An Angel to Watch Over Me, By Joan Webster Anderson
*Crossing Over, By John Edward

Our Loved Ones are Here...

Our Loved Ones are Here…

Losing a loved one is more painful than words can express.  The love we feel transcends all time, space and even death of the physical body…  For those who have lost a partner/lover and wonder how they let us know they are with us, read the letter below, from Arlene…

Dear Carole,

This was the first xmas since my husband passed on and I had two very interesting experiences I would like to share with your listeners.

After a long day, I was getting ready to go to bed and as an after thought, put on my housecoat, which I will mention had been in and out of the washer and dryer many times since my husband passed away.  I was feeling a bit down… put my hand in the pocket and there was my husbands’ wedding band.  I just sat and shook with emotion and then… a clock in the bedroom that hadn’t worked forever started ticking.  I AM NOW A BELIEVER, so I write this to tell you to not give up faith… our guardian angels are with us… I can honestly say that for the first time since he left I feel an inner peace.

Thank you for your show Carole… you are bringing many things to many people.

Arlene from Vancouver B.C.

Tarot Card Reading, Good or Bad?

Affirmation:  I expect the best and I get it now!

I have decided this edition to explore Tarot cards and their myths and origin. Many listeners to my radio show enjoy when I feature the mysterious cards and I always pull a card for each caller. It is amazing to all just how accurate the message is!

A tarot reading integrates three things,1) the question asked by you, the querent!2) the spread placing the cards in specific position and3) the cards themselves.

When placed in a spread the card’s meanings are then further extended to relate to the place it is in, with the cards put in order to help answer the question.

One of the many questions I am asked during a Tarot card reading is: are they bad? I just smile and say “do you play poker?” Tarot cards were used to play poker and were enjoyed for many years in many cultures. Tarot cards are used for practical problem-solving, understanding our inner secrets and divination through readings but can also be used for creative visualization in meditation, affirming what you want and just for the experience.

A question I am often asked is: is it bad luck to buy my own cards?

Actually it is probably better to buy your own cards. You alone can feel the right energy from a deck, and you alone know which style or art that you desire. The notion that they must be given as a gift is an old wives tale. I always buy my own because I feel that I am putting my own energy into the purchase…the intention is there.
There are several methods for choosing your own deck. First I look at a few decks of different styles and artwork to find a selection I\ like the most. If you’re a newcomer I would suggest the Rider Waite Deck…it is very simple and doesn’t have the ominous pictures that some have. Once you have a style, such as the Rider Deck, go with how you feel. I remember the first deck I bought for myself felt very comfortable as I held it, whereas others made me feel not as comfortable. Why, I didn’t question it…just listen to your inner voice!

When buying a deck you can shop at Chapters or online and I have also discovered e-bay…who knew? You can purchase books on Tarot or simply use the one that comes with the deck.

You can store your cards in any way you want to, whether that is in the box they came in, wrapped in silk, in a wooden box. I keep mine in an old Crown Royal bag…but that is me! Just keep it simple…it is not meant to be difficult…just enjoy the cards! However you look after your deck the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with them and they are easily accessible to you.

How to shuffle and select cards?

You can shuffle the tarot cards as you would a normal deck of cards. Some decks are very large (such as the THOTH deck) and it is difficult to shuffle as you would normally. In this case lay the cards on the table and mingle them together until you feel that you have finished. You will know when to stop, sometimes you will hear the actual word STOP in your head…I have heard this from my clients at the onset of a reading.

Enjoy the journey of working with these interesting cards and again, keep it simple!

Soulmates the Real Thing...

Soulmates the real thing…

Here on the MessengerFiles we talk about and put into action/the concept of affirmations/ guardian angels/soulmates and the power of trust.

I have a wonderful story… a true story of a combination of the above… and it came to a head on this past Sept. 11th…

While we will never forget the tragedy of 2 years ago, I must say I can now think of the 11th day of the 9th month this year and smile… and broadly I must say.

This is the story of two people… Ron and Phyllis Madill, friends of mine and many others!

Married for 40 years and parents of two great sons they had a big decision to make, one that I am sure many may struggle with…  Ron needed a kidney transplant… his wife Phyllis chose without a hesitation to be his donor.  I talked to Phyllis last week and asked her how she felt about the whole picture and she just said “Carole, we have to trust and go ahead, there is no way we can doubt the outcome.

She shared that she had an apprehensive, yet peaceful feeling about the whole life- saving procedure.  We discussed guardian angels, and yes, she could feel their presence, especially lately.

In a time where there is a lot of unrest and marriages and families are falling apart from stress, I cannot help but be awed by the devotion of these two people… of course, they must have had their “days”… after all, it has been 40 years… a few slammed doors and cold dinners, I am sure!

I truly believe in Soulmates and how people come into our lives for a reason and I am VERY SURE that Ron and Phyllis met, to love each other and to share their lives with their children and now are expressing their amazing bond with each other.

People come in to our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime..I believe that Ron and Phyllis have covered all of the above…

Soulmates ,without a question.

~Carole Matthews
Sept. 12th, 2003

****Since I shared this story with my listeners I received many letters of hope and prayers. I thank you all because they worked, as we know they do!

Phyllis and Ron are doing well and Ron is celebrating his 65th birthday on Aug.5th….a true Leo.  A fighter to the end!!!